In this tutorial page we describe how to execute SAMOA on top of Apache S4.


The following dependencies are needed to run SAMOA smoothly on Apache S4


Gradle is a build automation tool and is used to build Apache S4. The installation guide can be found here. The following instructions is a simplified installation guide.

  1. Download Gradle binaries from downloads, or from the console type wget
  2. Unzip the file unzip
  3. Set the Gradle environment variable: export GRADLE_HOME=/foo/bar/gradle-1.6
  4. Add to the systems path export PATH=$PATH:$GRADLE_HOME/bin
  5. Install Gradle by running gradle

Now you are all set to install Apache S4

Apache S4

S4 is a general-purpose, distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, pluggable platform that allows programmers to easily develop applications for processing continuous unbounded streams of data. The installation process is as follows:

  1. Download the latest Apache S4 release from Apache S4 0.6.0 or from command line wget or clone from git. git clone
  2. Unzip the file unzip or go in the cloned directory.
  3. Set the Apache S4 environment variable export S4_HOME=/foo/bar/apache-s4-0.6.0-incubating-src.
  4. Add the S4_HOME to the system PATH. export PATH=$PATH:$S4_HOME.
  5. Once the previous steps are done we can proceed to build and install Apache S4.
  6. You can have a look at the available build tasks by typing gradle tasks.
  7. There are some dependencies issues, therefore you should run the wrapper task first by typing gradle wrapper.
  8. Install the artifacts for Apache S4 by running gradle install in the S4_HOME directory.
  9. Install the S4-TOOLS, gradle s4-tools::installApp.

Done. Now you can configure and run your Apache S4 cluster.

Building SAMOA

Once the S4 dependencies are installed, you can simply clone the repository and install SAMOA.

git clone
cd incubator-samoa
mvn -Ps4 package

The deployable jars for SAMOA will be in target/SAMOA-<variant>-<version>-SNAPSHOT.jar. For example, in our case for S4 target/SAMOA-S4-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.

SAMOA-S4 Configuration

This section will go through the bin/ file and how to configure it. In order for SAMOA to run correctly in a distributed environment there are some variables that need to be defined. Since Apache S4 uses ZooKeeper for cluster management we need to define where it is running.

# Zookeeper Server

Apache S4 also distributes the application via HTTP, therefore the server and port which contains the S4 application must be provided.

# Simple HTTP Server providing the packaged S4 jar

Apache S4 uses the concept of logical clusters to define a group of machines, which are identified by an ID and start serving on a specific port.

# Name of the S4 cluster

SAMOA can be deployed on a single machine using only one resource or in a cluster environments. The following property can be defined to deploy as a local application or on a cluster.

# Deployment strategy

SAMOA S4 Deployment

In order to deploy SAMOA in a distributed environment you MUST configure the bin/ file correctly. If you are running locally it is optional to modify the properties file.

The deployment is done by running the SAMOA execution script bin/samoa with some additional parameters. The execution syntax is as follows: bin/samoa <platform> <jar-location> <task & options>


bin/samoa S4 target/SAMOA-S4-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar "ClusteringEvaluation"

The <platform> can be s4 or storm.

The <jar-location> must be the absolute path to the platform specific jar file.

The <task & options> should be the name of a known task and the options belonging to that task.